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Some of our wonderfully minty peppermint patties, that can be personalized. A peppermint patty that has been cut open.

Peppermint Patties

Our peppermint patties are made using a custom recipe, developed by Mr. Bogg himself. After the peppermint patty is created, we cover it in either milk or dark chocolate.

The peppermint patties come in orders of 50, and are $50.00/50.

Some of our cream wafers, which we are famous for personalizing. A cream wafer that has been cut open.

Cream Wafers

Our cream wafer is another custom recipe, and it is a rare piece in any case. But they are most famous for the personalization we offer on them. They can be personalized with names, dates, line drawings, or many other things. They come in seven differnt colors, each with it's own flavor. They are:

  • Blue, which is a raspberry flavor.
  • Green, which is a spearmint flavor.
  • Peach, which is an orange flavor.
  • Pink, which is a wintergreen flavor.
  • Red, which is a cinnamon flavor.
  • White, which is a peppermint flavor.
  • Yellow, which is a lemon flavor.

The cream wafers come in orders of 50 per color, and are $40.00/50.